i am using a WPF native data grid with 2 text columns ,some values in my table are paths to local files. I am looking for a way to make specific cells (according to their values) appear as hyperlink , clicking on those cells will open their content in the default application associated to their file type.

i found this Using WPF DataGridHyperLinkColumn Items to open Windows Explorer and open files in order to complete the 2nd task but i cant find a way to change only specific cells without changing the entire column type. thanks,

  • You could either do this using DataGridTemplateColumn, or by assigning the ItemTemplateSelector of your DataGrid. It depends on your needs. Aside from a hyperlink, what other possible data needs to be shown in that column? – Trevor Elliott Jun 2 '12 at 22:28
  • @Moozhe my data grid displays mainly ints and floats but some entries have string values that usually point to a file. – stsur Jun 3 '12 at 5:36

hmm, i am not Core-WPF developer, but i can suggest you something add Click event, and on the click event , check for selected cell's ref, if it matches with your then make call to that hyperlink, else do nothing.

for example, you dgv is like

Name    Age
Err     20
Ron     23
Hkr     99
Nub     00

and you want user should go to Respective persone profile page as they click on name, so u should Inside Click Event

case 0: //go to Err's page;
case 1: //go to Ron's page
case default: //go to hell :-p;

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