I'm 4 hours tring to send a post on a page on facebook with

$attachment = array(
        'message' => "@[".$id.":1:".$name.'] dsf sadfewqr',
                    'name' => "test test etst etst test test",
                    'link' => "http://www.tiscali.it",
                    'description' => "test",
        'picture'=> "http://www.example.com/img.jpg",
        'message_tags' => array(
            'data' => array(
                'id' => $id,
                'name' => $partecipant['name_screen'],
                'offset' => 0,
                "type" => "user",
                'length' => strlen($name)
        'access_token' => '--fanpageaccesstoken--'

    $facebook->api('/'.$idfanpage.'/feed', 'POST', $attachment);

Every time i get only message without tag. What i'm doing wrong?

Thanks everyone!


Where did you get the message_tags parameter from?

According to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/user/#posts you should use the tags parameter to give a list of comma separated user ids.

And pay attention to the note saying, You cannot specify this field without also specifying a place.

  • I made ​​a mistake using the reading parameters. And how can i use tags within the message? Thanks for your answer – Claudio Ɯǝıs Mulas Jun 2 '12 at 20:02
  • Do you actually mean tagging in the sense of saying you were at some place with other people, or do just mean mentioning someone in a post, as you can do on facebook by starting to type @username? The latter is obviously not possible via the API, see also stackoverflow.com/questions/3099183/… – CBroe Jun 2 '12 at 20:23

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