Im trying to do some basic stuff with javascript, to get it to generate some website content automatically,, but its driving me crazy!!! Could someone please show me a simple example of how to do get javascript to create new images and paragraphs in divs.. lets say my website structure is like this...


<div id ="wrapper">
<div id ="content">

how would I use a javascript function to create images and paragraghs in the "content" div on-loading the page and also on-clicking an image. I know it has to with the DOM but Ive been at this for hours and I just cant get it to work! Please show me an example of how its done. Thanks a lot in advance!!!!!!


In its simplest form:

// gets a reference to the div of id="content":
var div = document.getElementById('content'),
    // creates a new img element:
    img = document.createElement('img'),
    // creates a new p element:
    p = document.createElement('p'),
    // creates a new text-node:
    text = document.createTextNode('some text in the newly created text-node.');

// sets the src attribute of the newly-created image element:
img.src = 'http://lorempixel.com/400/200/people';

// appends the text-node to the newly-created p element:

// appends the newly-created image to the div (that we found above):
// appends the newly-created p element to the same div:

JS Fiddle demo.


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  • Works like a charm and a great example to learn from. Thank you very much. – Master.Aurora Jan 17 '14 at 7:58

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