Is there a good object-relational-mapping library for PHP?

I know of PDO/ADO, but they seem to only provide abstraction of differences between database vendors not an actual mapping between the domain model and the relational model. I'm looking for a PHP library that functions similarly to the way Hibernate does for Java and NHibernate does for .NET.

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If you are looking for an ORM, like Hibernate, you should have look at PMO.

It can be easily integrated in an SOA architecture (there is only a webservice classe to develop).


A really good simple ORM is MyActiveRecord. MyActiveRecord documentation. I have been using it a lot and can say it's very simple and well tested.


Looked at Syrius ORM. It's a new ORM, the project was in a development stage, but in the next mouth it will be released in a 1.0 version.


Try PdoMap. Wikipedia claims that is inspired by Hibernate. Since I never used Hibernate, I cannot judge :), but I would say from my experience that is good and fast ORM that is easy to implement, with a less steep learning curve that other ORMs.


There's a fantastic ORM included in the QCubed framework; it's based on code generation and scaffolding. Unlike the ActiveRecord that's based on reflection and is generally slow, code generation makes skeleton classes for you based on the database and lets you customize them afterward. It works like a charm.

  • this resembles the way yii works – sivann May 27 '12 at 15:26

Sado is a simple PHP ORM package, easy to use, and offers video tutorials

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