I have been working on a REST web service using Jersey for a few days now, and managed to have all CRUD operations working, with several exchange formats: XML, JSON, Google Protobuf.

However I am facing some issues related to automatically generated WADL and XSD.


To define the objects exchanged in these three formats, I have followed a "contract-first" approach:

  • from a XSD I wrote, I generated my model classes using JAXB;
  • from an equivalent proto file I wrote, I generated the Google Protobuf classes (and internally have a way to convert these to the JAXB-generated objects, in order to have one unique model).

However, as I would like my users to be able to generate their classes too, I would like to share these schema files (.xsd and .proto) and have them well integrated with the automatically generated WADL.

For that purpose, thanks to this wiki page:

  • I have exposed the two files under
    • /schema/schema.xsd
    • /schema/schema.proto
  • I have added an application-grammar file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <grammars xmlns="http://wadl.dev.java.net/2009/02" 
        <include href="../schema/schema.xsd" />
  • I have added a customized WADL generator:

     public class RichWadlGeneratorConfig extends WadlGeneratorConfig {
        public List<WadlGeneratorDescription> configure() {
            return generator(WadlGeneratorApplicationDoc.class)
                .prop("applicationDocsStream", "application-doc.xml")
                .prop("grammarsStream", "application-grammars.xml")

This way the below appears in the WADL, when I hit /rest/application.wadl:

     <include href="../schema/schema.xsd"/>
     <include href="application.wadl/xsd0.xsd">
          <doc title="Generated" xml:lang="en"/>


/rest/application.wadl/xsd0.xsd is automatically generated from my classes, but is quite different from what I initially had in schema.xsd. In addition to that, calling a tool like wadl2java on this WADL fails miserably, presumably because

  • /schema/schema.xsd, and
  • /rest/application.wadl/xsd0.xsd

are now conflicting (two definitions for the same objects).


  1. Is there a way to disable the generation and diffusion of this automatically generated XSD? (As I don't need it since I'm following this "contract-first" approach)

  2. If not, is there a way to "override" its content with my manually written XSD when /rest/application.wadl/xsd0.xsd is hit? (I have googled around and found about WadlResource, to generate customized WADL, but found nothing about the XSD generation itself)

Thanks in advance for your help!



1) I raised the issue to the Jersey team and got a reply: http://java.net/projects/jersey/lists/users/archive/2012-06/message/8

2) I raised a ticket (JERSEY-1230), according to Pavel's instructions. I am currently following up to either submit a fix myself or get a fix from the Jersey team.

  • 2
    issue is fixed now, see java.net/jira/browse/JERSEY-1230 – Pavel Bucek Nov 11 '12 at 23:12
  • you should post the above as an answer to your own question and then accept it (to clear it from the unanswered Q's list). – scottb May 15 '15 at 23:54

1.14-SNAPSHOT should allow you to do this:

public class SampleWadlGeneratorConfig extends WadlGeneratorConfig {

    public List<WadlGeneratorDescription> configure() {
        return generator( WadlGeneratorApplicationDoc.class )
                .prop( "applicationDocsStream", "application-doc.xml" )
                .generator( WadlGeneratorGrammarsSupport.class )
                .prop( "grammarsStream", "application-grammars.xml" )
                .prop("overrideGrammars", true)                               // !!!
                .generator( WadlGeneratorResourceDocSupport.class )
                .prop( "resourceDocStream", "resourcedoc.xml" )


when overrideGrammars is set to true, Jersey generated grammars won't be included in returned WADL.

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