Attempting to perform a release on a maven project, which has successfully released before.

When I perform mvn release:prepare I am prompted for the release tags and the new snapshot tags and the project builds.

But when it attempts to push to the remote, I get

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-release-plugin:2.0:prepare (default-cli) on project NeuralAnalysis: Unable to tag SCM [ERROR] Provider message: [ERROR] The git-push command failed. [ERROR] Command output: [ERROR] To ssh://gitosis@ [ERROR] ! [rejected] NeuralAnalysis-1.5.6 -> NeuralAnalysis-1.5.6 (non-fast-forward) [ERROR] error: failed to push some refs to 'ssh://gitosis@' [ERROR] To prevent you from losing history, non-fast-forward updates were rejected

And indeed, attempting to perform git push ssh://gitosis@ NeuralAnalysis-1.5.6 manually, also exits with the same complaint.

Performing git pull says 'Already up-to-date'. git branch shows I am on the 'master'. git push origin gives 'Everything up-to-date'.

Looking at the repository using Tower shows that 'master', 'origin/master' and 'NeuralAnalysis-1.5.6' are all the same and on the last commit. The working directory contains release.properties and pom.xml.releaseBackup files.

It looks to me like everything is fine with the repository overall.

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    Do you have (locally or on the remote) a branch named NeuralAnalysis-1.5.6 like the tag you are trying to push? Can you edit your question with the output of a git push --verbose ssh://gitosis@ NeuralAnalysis-1.5.6?
    – VonC
    Jun 4, 2012 at 5:10

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Turns out it was a remote tag with the same name, as suggested by VonC in the comment. This was likely created by some previously aborted release.

Although I found the remote tag by manually inspecting the refs/tags directory on the remote repository, git ls-remote --tags will show them as well and the git push --verbose will also show more about the problem in general.

To fix this, first retrieve the remote tags with git fetch --tags.

One way to perform the next step is then to simply bypass that release tag by updating the pom.xml to have a higher -SNAPSHOT version (including any references in the same project by other modules to that snapshot), check these in, and do mvn release:clean; mvn release:prepare over again.


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