I have two separate computers on which i have a separate set of bookmarks in firefox.

I want to merge the two so that i have access to all the links at a time.

Is there any utility to help me with this.

I can get the two bookmark files (.json - preferred, .html) and try to create a single bookmark file by parsing them. But, i want to be sure that there are no errors and i also want to remove duplicates from the resultant file.

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.


Take a look at Firefox Sync. It is a way to keep your bookmarks, history, preferences, passwords, etc. synced across multiple devices. Also, it comes standard with Firefox; you don't even have to install an Add-on to use it.


Export bookmarks in HTML then import the bookmarks-date.html is the simpliest and fastest way to merge a given bookmarks set. Especially as Firefox supports export/import tags and annotations starting with version 43. This allows to export/import any bookmarks' folder(s) you wanna keep, in place of replacing the whole lot, finally :)


You can export your bookmarks or just look them up in your profile folder.

I think the easiest way to merge two bookmarks files is importing one profile to the other firefox (and eventually exporting the merged bookmarks again). It does not need any (manual) parsing and should not produce any errors.

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