I have C# application using nms.activemq 1.5.0.

When my application starts it tries to connect to the broker using failover protocol (I have two brokers in master-slave configuration).
If both brokers down my application is stuck in wait because of the connection.start().
I tried every bit of info i found on the web - I tried every attribute of the failover protocol, also tried setting the connection timeout, tried transport.requesttimeout.

I also tried a newer version of nms.activemq, but nothing seems to solve the issue.

Any idea on what can cause this problem or any workaround?

  • It is very weird, but in version 1.5.5 it hangs (using failover mode) even on connection.ClientId property assignment, what is considered as anti-patterns in .NET, because properties should represent simple, fast, non-blocking operations.
    – sgnsajgon
    Aug 21, 2014 at 19:55

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After mining google results fI found this thread

Tim Bish answered the developer there that in NMS there is a prefix transport.* that need to added to all transport properties.

my original uri was:


and now my URI is (pay attention on transport.* prefix):


which is working and I handle the exception thrown and continue with my App.



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