I have a parameterized job that uses the Perforce plugin and would like to retrieve the build parameters/properties as well as the p4.change property that's set by the Perforce plugin.

How do I retrieve these properties with the Jenkins Groovy API?

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Regarding parameters:

See this answer first. To get a list of all the builds for a project (obtained as per that answer):


When you find your particular build, you need to get all actions of type ParametersAction with build.getActions(hudson.model.ParametersAction). You then query the returned object for your specific parameters.

Regarding p4.change: I suspect that it is also stored as an action. In Jenkins Groovy console get all actions for a build that contains p4.change and examine them - it will give you an idea what to look for in your code.

Please note the official Jenkins Wiki page covers this in more details as well: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Parameterized+System+Groovy+script The salient part is reproduced below:

// get parameters
def parameters = build?.actions.find{ it instanceof ParametersAction }?.parameters
parameters.each {
   println "parameter ${it.name}:"
   println it.dump()

// ... or if you want the parameter by name ...
def hardcoded_param = "FOOBAR"
def resolver = build.buildVariableResolver
def hardcoded_param_value = resolver.resolve(hardcoded_param)

For resolving a single parameter (I guess what's most commonly needed), this is the simplest I found:


in your Groovy System script build step.

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    This results in groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: build for class: Script1 – dokaspar Nov 16 '16 at 9:39
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    I am running into the same error – Basti Feb 8 '17 at 15:35
  • @dokaspar Because this work for groovy script plugin – old-monk Jan 23 at 23:21
  • if your groovy is a class, how do you do this? – Kalpesh Soni Sep 20 at 20:47

I've just got this working, so specifically, using the Groovy Postbuild plugin, you can do the following:

def paramText
def actionList = manager.build.getActions(hudson.model.ParametersAction)
if (actionList.size() != 0)
  def pA = actionList.get(0)
  paramText = pA.createVariableResolver(manager.build).resolve("MY_PARAM_NAME")
  • Great answer. Have spend hours looking for this!! Thanks!! – fsteff Nov 30 '17 at 19:46

In cases when a parameter name cannot be hardcoded I found this would be the simplest and best way to access parameters:

def myParam = env.getProperty(dynamicParamName)

In cases, when a parameter name is known and can be hardcoded the following 3 lines are equivalent:

def myParam = env.getProperty("myParamName")
def myParam = env.myParamName
def myParam = myParamName
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    I was looking for getting a dynamic param, env.getProperty worked. Thanks. – Mahesh Aug 20 at 6:36

Get all of the parameters:

  println it

Or more sophisticated:

def myvariables = getBinding().getVariables()
for (v in myvariables) {
   echo "${v} " + myvariables.get(v)

You will need to disable "Use Groovy Sandbox" for both.

  • the later one doesn't work for me, I am getting an empty array – old-monk Jan 23 at 23:28
  • Do you know how I may set it though? I can write up a new question for you to answer – old-monk Jan 23 at 23:33

To get the parameterized build params from the current build from your GroovyScript (using Pipeline), all you need to do is: Say you had a variable called VARNAME.

def myVariable = env.VARNAME

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