I have conflicts, so I type:

git mergetool

I then get a message saying:

Hit return to start merge resolution tool

Normally when I do this, it open kdiff3 so I can merge the differences.

now when I do it, it just continues to the next file, and kdiff3 doesn't open at all.

I triple cheched my git config and my system path and all seems perfect. Config file is as follows:

    tool = kdiff3
 [mergetool "kdiff3"]
    path = c:/Program Files (x86)/KDiff3/kdiff3.exe
    guitool = kdiff3
 [difftool "kdiff3"]
    path = c:/Program Files (x86)/KDiff3/kdiff3.exe
    editor = \"C:/Program Files (x86)/GitExtensions/GitExtensions.exe\" fileeditor   autocrlf = true
    name = James Farrell
    email = info@jamespfarrell.com
    user = whygosystems
    token = 87d00c2e613b3a7c8c1be817b75b8a33
    external = C:/Program Files (x86)/Git/cmd/git-diff-wrapper.sh

Anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?

I have a feeling (though I could be wrong, that this has been a problem, since I installed the new Github windows client)....

  • I have had this issue time to time, and rebooting the machine has always helped. Have no clue as to why. – eis Jun 4 '12 at 15:16
  • @eis Thanks, I've rebooted and it hasn't helped. – iKode Jun 4 '12 at 15:19
  • 1
    Had the same problem, for me this workaround helped. – PiQuer Apr 4 '13 at 21:45

I realize this is old, but for future googlers, KDiff3 also has an option where if the merge is trivial, it will resolve it silently and never even show a window.

I've had that happen to me in the past, so it might be what's happening for you. I think the option is called 'Auto save and quit on merge without conflicts'.

  • 3
    This option is indeed the culprid, but it is always triggered because git calls kdiff3 with the --auto flag, so it doesn't help to disable the option in kdiff3. For a workaround see my answer to this similar question. – PiQuer Apr 4 '13 at 21:43

I haven't used git for this purpose on Windows in a while, but your config file shows some interesting differences re: program strings.

    editor = \"C:/Program Files (x86)/GitExtensions/GitExtensions.exe\" fileeditor   autocrlf = true


[difftool "kdiff3"]
    path = c:/Program Files (x86)/KDiff3/kdiff3.exe

I suspect that there might be some issue with the spaces in the program name. Try setting your diff/mergetool executable paths to:

path = \"c:/Program Files (x86)/KDiff3/kdiff3.exe\"

Again, for future Googlers:

As of version 2.48.02 (29 November 2014), Git Extensions started distributing the 64-bit version of kdiff3. (See https://github.com/gitextensions/gitextensions/blob/master/GitUI/Resources/ChangeLog.md#version-24802-29-november-2014.)

So if you're running a 32-bit OS and had the Git Extensions installer install kdiff3, your kdiff3 won't even run by itself. The solution is to download the 32-bit version (http://sourceforge.net/projects/kdiff3/files/kdiff3/) and reinstall. I didn't even need to uninstall the 64-bit version first, as the installer simply overwrote the previous install.


Yet another answer for future Googlers:

Actually, no external merge tool will start. An issue was filed in August 2015: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/SRCTREEWIN-3543

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