I have a column that has the value '11B3' in it. I want to write a SQL statement (in mySQL) that ands (&) that value with 0x1880 and returns the result. I have been unable to treat the string column as a hex number. I would be grateful for any assistance.

This does NOT work:

select szVersion,  hex(szVersion), concat("0x",szVersion)

This functions as desired (but doesn't pull from database:

select 0x11bx & 0x1880

You can use UNHEX(str) to change Hex to Text and then concatenate them.

  • This seems to be getting closer. When I [ select unhex(mycolumn) from mytable ] I get a blob using mySQL workbench. I can click on the blob and I see that it holds 11 B3. I try to and it with 0x1880, but I get 0. How do I turn that blob to a number? – Glenn Gordon Jun 5 '12 at 13:22
  • First on Workbench go to Edit -> Preferences -> SQL Editor, then mark the option Treat BINARY/VARBINARY as nonbinary character string. Now you can cast 11B3 to char, just doing something like this: SELECT CAST(UNHEX(mycolum) AS CHAR) AS NEW_COLUM FROM MY TABLE; – Vic Abreu Jun 5 '12 at 13:37
  • 1
    I ended up using unhex to make a blob and then parsing it myself: case 0x2200 & ascii(unhex(types.szVersion))*256+ ascii(substring(unhex(types.szVersion),2,1)) – Glenn Gordon Jun 5 '12 at 20:25

Use CONV(szVersion,16,10). Below is a proof that it works as expected.

You wrote that you expect the same result as the result of the following statement:

SELECT 0x11B3 & 0x1880;
-> 4224

So we know that the desired result is the number 4224.

Now do the same thing with data from a table:

SELECT CONV(szVersion,16,10) & 0x1880 FROM temp_hex;
-> 4224

The same result. Works :)

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