I am designing a web site, spread across many servers, and there are pages where I need up to chain up to 4 redirections in a row. I tried a few browsers (firefox, chrome, IE) and it seems to work fine.

Apparently, Firefox's default limit is 20 redirections in a row, Chrome's default seems to be 20, and IE8's limit seems to be 10 redirections.

What is the maximum number of HTTP redirections allowed by all major browsers? Is it 10?


Why do I need 4 redirections? Basically, the user is in a hotspot, she tries to go to (say) google.com, there is a local captive portal that captures the request and redirects (#1) the user to a local server. The local server checks some things about the user, but if it does not have the data locally, it redirects (#2) the user to the central web site. If the user is already logged in to this central Web site, she gets redirected (#3) to another server (there are different portals depending on the user). Finally, the server checks the user's rights, and if she has the appropriate rights, there is a final (#4) redirection to the local access controller, in order to get access to the appropriate service. Believe me, I tried my best to remove redirections, but I cannot see where this can be optimized.


4 redirections should work in all major browsers. However, consider reducing the number to give users a faster experience. Each redirection requires a round trip between the user and the server (and requires creating a new connection, if it's redirecting to a different server). In total, the latency will be significant, likely annoying your users.

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    Completely agree that user experience and latency need to be considered. This won't be helped if your also hosting ads or other dynamic content on the pages. – AndrewB Jun 5 '12 at 10:23
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    Thanks for the answer. Most pages have no redirection at all. There is just one very specific scenario where there can be up to 4 redirections, it will be rare, and I have tried to find solutions to lower that number, I don't think it can be done. I'll edit the question to add more info about the context. – MiniQuark Jun 5 '12 at 10:46
  • 4 could be fairly low for some sophisticated login mechanisms where several servers are (cascaded OAuth e.g. final app > social provider 1 > social provider 2 > social provider 1 > final app callback > final app logged in page). – Dereckson Jun 30 '16 at 18:45

I also curious about this, but doesn't find info about what is the maximum number of redirection of each browser. So I try to test it by myself using this PHP code to each web browser that I have:

$count = $_GET["c"] ?? 0;
$next = $count+1;

The result is:

  • 20 = Firefox
  • 19 = Chrome, Opera, Brave, Opera Mini, Puffin, UC Browser, etc (maybe all blink based browser)
  • 16 = Safari

Question: What is the maximum number of HTTP redirections allowed by all major browsers? Is it 10?

Answer: Based on my test the maximum that allowed by all major browser is 16.

But I can not test IE/Edge because I don't have a windows OS. As Microsoft Edge use Blink engine, so I think the maximum 19 too. You can test above code using your own server or this link(mine). The last URL query number until show ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error is the maximum redirection.

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