I'm using FlashPage to generate a flip page based on PDF. Basically we use swftools (pdf2swf) to convert each pdf page to a swf and display it in FlashPage.

To follow internal links, FlashPage recomends that we attach the following actions to the button:

on(rollOver, dragOver){
            _root.canflip=false; // flipping disabled
on(rollOut, dragOut, releaseOutside){
            _root.canflip=true; // flipping enabled

            _root.canflip=true; // flipping enabled
            _root.gotoPage(4,true); // go to page

In swftools we can attach a function to an internal link using -s internallinkfunction=<name>

How can I attach those events like on(release){} to internallinkfunction

Also, there's an easy way to debug the swf generated by swftools?


I finally came up with a solution.

I created a long post explaining how to solve it: http://www.zeletron.com.br/2012/06/reverse-engineering-swf-to-fix-limitation-in-swftools.html

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