My app used to run on foo.tld but now it runs on bar.tld. Requests will still come in for foo.tld, I want to redirect them to bar.tld.

How can I do this in rails routes?

  • Have you considered DNS forwarding? – Anil Jun 6 '12 at 16:55
  • you can do it in application_controller: if request.host == 'some.site' redirect_to url_for(host: 'site', subdomain: 'another'), status: :moved_permanently end – mmike Oct 20 '16 at 8:30

This works in Rails 3.2.3

constraints(:host => /foo.tld/) do
  match "/(*path)" => redirect {|params, req| "http://bar.tld/#{params[:path]}"}

This works in Rails 4.0

constraints(:host => /foo.tld/) do
  match "/(*path)" => redirect {|params, req| "http://bar.tld/#{params[:path]}"},  via: [:get, :post]
  • For me this worked everywhere except the home page. The solution is good enough for me. Thank you very much. – Professor Todd Oct 12 '12 at 20:33
  • 1
    The splat rout by itself matches a nonempty string, so root URL won't be matched. Just add the parentheses: match "/(*path)"... – janko-m May 15 '13 at 16:25
  • 1
    Rails 4: add via: [:get, :post] to the match options – meatrobot Nov 4 '13 at 23:48
  • 8
    Use // instead of http:// to ensure the redirect is protocol independent and works for http as well as for https. – Van der Hoorn Feb 27 '14 at 10:01
  • Curious as to why not use: "via: [:get, :post, :put, :patch, :delete]" – justingordon Mar 12 '15 at 0:00

This does the job of the other answer. Though in addition, it preserves query strings as well. (Rails 4):

# http://foo.tld?x=y redirects to http://bar.tld?x=y
constraints(:host => /foo.tld/) do
  match '/(*path)' => redirect { |params, req|
    query_params = req.params.except(:path)
    "http://bar.tld/#{params[:path]}#{query_params.keys.any? ? "?" + query_params.to_query : ""}"
  }, via: [:get, :post]

Note: If you're dealing with full domains instead of just subdomains, use :domain instead of :host.

  • 2
    Actually "http://bar.tld#{req.fullpath}" because req.fullpath already contains the leading forward slash. – zelanix Jun 4 '15 at 21:53

The following solution redirects multiple domains on GET and HEAD requests while returning http 400 on all other requests (as per this comment in a similar question).


module Constraints
  class DomainRedirectConstraint
    def matches?(request)
      request_host = request.host.downcase
      return request_host == "foo.tld1" || \
             request_host == "foo.tld2" || \
             request_host == "foo.tld3"


require 'constraints/domain_redirect_constraint'

Rails.application.routes.draw do
  match "/(*path)", to: redirect {|p, req| "//bar.tld#{req.fullpath}"}, via: [:get, :head], constraints: Constraints::DomainRedirectConstraint.new
  match "/(*path)", to: proc { [400, {}, ['']] }, via: :all, constraints: Constraints::DomainRedirectConstraint.new


For some reason constraints Constraints::DomainRedirectConstraint.new do didn't work for me on heroku but constraints: Constraints::DomainRedirectConstraint.new worked fine.


Bit more modern approach:

constraints(host: 'www.mydomain.com') do
    get '/:param' => redirect('https://www.mynewurl.com/:param')
  • Good answer, but (in Rails 5, at least) the param needs to be included in %{}. This would give you: get '/:param', to: redirect('https://www.mynewurl.com/%{param}') – James Hibbard Dec 16 '19 at 12:27
constraints(host: /subdomain\.domain\.com/) do
  match '/(*path)' => redirect { |params, req|
  }, via: [:get, :head]

I use this when using custom domains on Heroku and I want to redirect from the myapp.herokuapp.com -> www.example.com.

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