I have various html tables that I need to parse/access from my customers web-page, the data on it might vary across the tables (length of columns).

So, what I've done was to create a class for each table but this task became ridiculous, since there are a lot of tables that I need to parse with data varying.


Is there any way to implement DTOs in python other than creating a class for each data that I what to transfer?



class HoldItem():

    def none1(self):
        return self

    def none2(self):
        return self

    def item(self):
        return self

    def plant(self):
        return self

    def location(self):
        return self

    def material(self):
        return self

    def none1(self, value):
        self.none1 = value

Populate Instances

items = []
for tds in trs:
    item = HoldItem()

    if (x == PROP_A):
        item.prop_a = tds.InnerText



return items

Transfer to SQLServer Database

    for item in items:
        command.AddWithValue("@prop_a", item.prop_a)


  • I'm using Iron Python
  • I'm transfering the information into a table (SQL Server)
  • I'm using HtmlAgilityPack in order to parse the html table
  • I'm web-crawling the page

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The Messenger object seems to make sense for your purpose. It is designed as a way to pass data around.


Python is dynamic.

Override __get__ and __set__ and store 'field values' in a dictionary internal to your class (instance).

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