I have generated .HAR files using Selenium Web Driver with BrowserMob Proxy(SWD+BM) and by using webpagetest.org(WPT). I used HAR Storage to view these files. The following are the differences I found.

a. All the sizes and times(Load Time, DNS Time, Transfer Time etc.) shown in SWD+BM are less compared to WPT.

b. No. of resources by request(images, css, html etc. ), resources by size, domains by request, domains by size in SWD+BM are less in number or equal to(mostly less) when compared to WPT.

I have used Firefox browser for the both.

Why are these differences? Is there any architecture difference b/w these two?


WPT by default simulates low bandwidth DSL connections. BMP does support traffic shaping, but not by default.

The difference in requests is likely just due to timing issues and dynamic elements on the page.

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