I have a figure that I want his name to be Step 2 of 3: Simulation Plot Window, but its name is: figure 2: Step 2 of 3: Simulation Plot Window.

How can I change his name to the name I want?

I don't know if it's necessary, but in the start of the code I wrote:

hFig = figure('Name','window 1','Visible','Off');

and Towards my code ends, I write:

hFig = figure('Name','Step 2 of 3: Simulation Plot Window','Menubar','none', 'Resize','off', ...
    'WindowStyle','modal', 'Position',[300 300 1150 600]);

Showing the number in the title is one of the properties of the figure. By default it is set to on, unless you are using GUIDE.

Anyway, in order to remove it, use


A better way would be to use the handle that you got from a call to the figure function:

hFig = figure('Name','window 1','Visible','Off');

Also, (as @GuntherStruyf also mentioned), it is possible to do it in the call to the figure function itself:

hFig = figure('Name','window 1','Visible','Off','NumberTitle','off');
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    you can also immediately add it to the figure creation itself: hFig = figure('Name','Step 2/3: ...','NumberTitle','off') – Gunther Struyf Jun 7 '12 at 15:34

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