I have a function to get the current time using the unix gettimeofday() in function time.ml. The file accesses the function in the following way:

open Unix; (*declared at the top of the file*)

let get_time ()  = Unix.gettimeofday ()

The corresponding entry in .mli file is like this:

val get_time : unit -> float

But during compiling them throws an error:

File "_none_", line 1, characters 0-1:
No implementations provided for the following modules:
Unix referenced from time.cmx

I have checked that the following files are present in /lib/ocaml directory:

unix.cmi, unix.a unix.cma unix.cmx unix.cmxa unix.cmxs unix.mli 

and the path is set correctly set to in .bashrc file.


Other functions like fprintf from Printf module work correctly inspite of being in the same /lib/ocaml directory.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something?


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You have to compile like this:

ocamlc unix.cma -c time.mli time.ml (* bytecode *)


ocamlopt unix.cmxa -c time.mli time.ml  (* native code *)

If you have a properly configured findlib,

ocamlfind ocamlopt -package Unix -linkpkg time.ml

will save you the trouble of picking the .cma or the .cmxa version.


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