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How to create comma separated list from array in PHP?

Given this array:

$tags = array('tag1','tag2','tag3','tag4','...');

How do I generate this string (using PHP):

$tags = 'tag1, tag2, tag3, tag4, ...';
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Use implode:

 $tags = implode(', ', array('tag1','tag2','tag3','tag4'));
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    This is a bad idea if you're trying to create reliable CSV strings. CSV has rules regarding commas inside fields, etc..
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Yes you can do this by using implode

$string = implode(', ', $tags);

And just so you know, there is an alias of implode, called join

$string = join(', ', $tags);

I tend to use join more than implode as it has a better name (a more self-explanatory name :D )

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    And the good thing is that both takes the almost same time to execute :) I made a benchmark Feb 26, 2014 at 13:16
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    Coming back at this after 5 years, I now tend to use implode instead of join, not sure why, but I find that explode-implode is more common in most codebases I've worked on now, and I prefer to align myself with the rest of the codebase in order to maintain a certain level of consistency.
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Use PHP function Implode on your array

$mystring = implode(', ',$tags)

Simply implode:

$tags = implode(", ", $tags);

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