I have a user control in which I need to return child nodes based on parentID. I am able to get the parentID, but don't know the syntax for returning child nodes.


Getting child nodes is pretty straightforward.

Not sure how far you are with your code so here's a complete example with the various options:

using umbraco.presentation.nodeFactory;

namespace cogworks.usercontrols
    public partial class ExampleUserControl : System.Web.UI.UserControl
        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            //If you just want the children of the current node use the following method
            var currentNode = Node.GetCurrent();

            //If you need a specific node based on ID use this method (where 123 = the desired node id)
            var specificNode = new Node(123);

            //To get the children as a Nodes collection use this method
            var childNodes = specificNode.Children;

            //Iterating over nodes collection example
            foreach(var node in childNodes)
                Response.Write(string.Format("{0}<br />", node.Name));

            //To get the nodes as a datatable so you can use it for DataBinding use this method
            var childNodesAsDataTable = node.ChildrenAsTable();

            //Databind example
            GridViewOnPage.DataSource = childNodesAsDataTable;

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