I would like to ask what's the reason behind using FOUNDATION_EXPORT instead of extern in Objective C projects.

I've checked this question and using FOUNDATION_EXPORT has earned whopping 340 points (1st place) whereas using extern only 74 points (2nd place).

Could anybody explain why? Is there any practical reason for using FOUNDATION_EXPORT instead of extern?


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    You can't really take votes on those answers to be votes for or against the techniques they mention. For one thing, the answer with FOUNDATION_EXPORT is nearly two years older than the other! – jscs Jun 8 '12 at 17:41
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If you look in NSObjCRuntime.h (in Foundation) you will see that FOUNDATION_EXPORT compiles to extern in C, extern "C" in C++, and other things in Win32. So, it's more compatible across languages and operating systems. For many projects, this won't make any difference.

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    Thanks a lot! I will keep using FOUNDATION_EXPORT then. – Rudolf Adamkovič Jun 8 '12 at 17:24

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