I have a click-once deployed app that uses a notification icon created using the Hardcodet WPF NotifyIcon. When I deploy it and initially install it, Windows hides the icon by default (as it should). So I change the setting for the app to "always show icon and notifications". But every time I update to a new version, Windows thinks it's a new app and hides it again. Is there any way to get Windows to retain the visibility setting for my notify icon after an update?

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Unfortunately, there's no way to get ClickOnce to handle this. This comes up periodically in the MSDN ClickOnce forum, and since Bing is my friend, I can provide you with this link to one of the articles that has some ideas about it.


not sure if that's the answer you are looking for, but I do not think it's possible "out of the box". Every clickonce version is a different app from Windows perspective. I had the same issue with Windows Firewall - firewall rules are not be preserved when update is installed. I guess the only solution for you would be to find a way to manually add your application to that list.

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