I have an old web application that's being migrated to a different system, and I need to ensure that the existing URLs are redirected to the new system. (I'm using ASP.NET MVC2.)

Usually, I can just redirect to the homepage of the new site. However, if the URLs link to a specific item, they use an HTML bookmark as follows:


I have a lookup file and translation function to go from an "itemID" to a redirect URL, and I can accomplish the redirection using a RedirectResult.

But how can I get the anchor tag to the server as a query string parameter (anchor tags aren't sent in HTTP requests)? I assume I'll need some kind of client-side javascript for this to invoke a separate server method, but I'm not sure how to do that translation.

(Note, the whole reason for doing this is that clients may have stored a bookmark link to an item.)


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If http://server/old-system/#itemID is a page in your system you can do a quick translation in javascript.


or get the value and link to another page.

window.location = "http://server?itemID="+window.location.hash.replace('#','');
  • Thanks. I had started doing indexOf and substr calls on 'href'; this is a lot cleaner. :) Jun 8, 2012 at 20:31

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