I am afraid my question could be very stupid, and also be duplicate. But I didn't manage to find what I want after looking for some similar questions on this site.

My question is simple, I have a big file, i.e. 1GB on my Ubuntu server, and I want to share this file with other users. How can I create a URL address for public users, in other words, when one user click this URL, the download will automatically start without demanding a username and password, just like we download many stuff (pdf, music) when we find an usable url with google.

Someone suggests me to setup an anonymous ftp. I think it's a possible solution, but I didn't succeed to accomplish it. Can some one give me more details how I achieve my goal, (with or without ftp will both ok).

Thanks for any help, and I am very grateful for some examples, or some tutorials !

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Install Apache2

sudo apt-get install apache2

Place your into file the /var/www/ directory (might need root privileges for this)

sudo cp yourfile /var/www/yourfile

Access the file with the following link:


If your running under a router or firewall, you might have to open port 80 and forward it to your pc.


Lets assume your filename is foobar.iso.

You could just place it in your web root, and give the link example.com/foobar.iso to people. This will download the file.

Optionally, place it in a directory downloads. The download link will then be example.com/downloads/foobar.iso.


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