I am trying to parse HTML code using Html Agility Pack. Is there any tutorial available, or can someone tell me how can I get a text from a <td> that has no Id and no class?

    <table id="results-table">
    <tr class="row1">
    <td>Diode Zener Single 12V 5% 1W 2-Pin DO-41 Bulk</td> 

Each row contains 10 different <td>. Thanks!

  • Iwant to add that each row contains 10 different td – user1444921 Jun 9 '12 at 10:32
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You can try using this XPATH to query all the tds within your table having id="results-table"


Firepath for Firefox can help you in formulating XPATH and you can manipulate it from there.

Sample code below

HtmlDocument doc = new HtmlDocument();
var fileName = @"..\..\..\docs\10960189.htm";

var nodes = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//table[@id='results-table']/tr/td");

foreach (var node in nodes)



Here is a link that explain how to use XPath:



I guess some of your td tags will have class/id. Use the following code. I wrote that in linqpad

void Main()
    var webGet = new HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument();
    //web page/string that need to be parsed
    webGet.LoadHtml(@"<table id='results-table'>" +
                                "<tr class='row1'>" + 
                                "<td class='testclass'>test td with class</td>" + 
                                "<td id='testid'>test td with id</td>" + 
                                "<td>Diode Zener Single 12V 5% 1W 2-Pin DO-41 Bulk</td>" + 
                                "<td>test td without class or id</td>" + 

    var tableOnPage = (from tds in webGet.DocumentNode.Descendants()
                      where lnks.Name == "td" &&
                            lnks.Attributes["class"] == null && tds.Attributes["id"] == null &&
                            tds.ParentNode.InnerText.Trim().Length > 0 && lnks.InnerText.Trim().Length > 0 
                     select new
                         td = tds.DescendantNodes().SingleOrDefault ().InnerHtml.Trim(),

    //looping through each items
    foreach (var item in tableOnPage)

Output will be

Diode Zener Single 12V 5% 1W 2-Pin DO-41 Bulk

test td without class or id

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