I am am going to make a app where i want to create a xy graph. AchartEngine API looks very attractive to me. I have seen all their examples and demos, Searched their forum but cant figure it out that if it can able to match my requirements.

So here is my question: I want a xy graph where:

  1. Make the graph non scrollable. (Pending)
  2. Make the x-axis vertically center as shown in image. (Pending)
  3. Show labels only on x-axis. (Pending)

The Second Question is most important to me. Can some holly sole suggest me whether aChartengine do the required job.



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Everything is possible with AChartEngine :)

Question #1:

renderer.setPanEnabled(false, false);
renderer.setZoomEnabled(false, false);

Question #2: You can control this by setting the yaxis min and max. They have to be such way chosen that 0 is in the middle. Example:


Question #3:

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    Hi Dan Thanks for reply. My Question 1 and 3 are solved. But still looking for solution of #2. I have done what you say. I set the Ymin and Ymax values but the x Axis still in the bottom of screen. The origen of graph is now (0,-10) instead of (0,0). Please take a look at screen shot: s9.postimage.org/ky0ij8qov/image.png
    – Gem
    Jul 3, 2012 at 12:25
  • Hi Gem , I am also facing same issue. Have you been able to solve this yet ? If yes please share . Thanks Nov 9, 2013 at 20:48
  • for q3 you can rotate the text by an angle , it's somehow helping you even if its no your exact answer multiRenderer.setXLabelsAngle(90); Apr 12, 2014 at 5:48

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