How can I pass parameters to external webservice via mule flow using CFX?

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  • If you use the WSDL-CXF connector, you pass parameters as an array of objects in the in-flight Mule message. Only primitives and String can be used in this array.
  • Otherwise, if you need to use complex objects as parameters, use the objects you've generated from the WSDL following this method.

Thanks alot. It worked. I put a transformer to convert my parameters to Object[] array for cxf:jaxws-client as follows.

<custom-transformer class="tranformers.ObjectArrayTransformer" doc:name="Java"/>
<http:outbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="request-response" address="http://localhost:8080/WebService/HelloWorldImpl" doc:name="HTTP">
    <cxf:jaxws-client operation="getParamData" serviceClass="miniwebservice.HelloWorld" port="80" doc:name="SOAP"/>

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