i wonder which hexdump() scapy uses, since i would like to modify it, but i simply cant find anything.

what i DO find is:

def hexdump(self, lfilter=None):

  for i in range(len(self.res)):

     p = self._elt2pkt(self.res[i])
     if lfilter is not None and not lfilter(p):
     print "%s %s %s" % (conf.color_theme.id(i,"%04i"),

but that simply is an alternative for pkt.hexdump(), which does a pkt.summary() with a following hexdump(pkt)

could anyone tell me where to find the hexdump(pkt) sourcecode?

what i want to have is the hex'ed packet, almost like str(pkt[0]) (where i can check byte by byte via str(pkt[0])[0] ), but with nothing else than hexvalues, just like displayed in hexdump(pkt).

maybe you guys could help me out with this one :)

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found it, so, to answer my own question, it is located in utils.py

def hexdump(x):

   l = len(x)
   i = 0
   while i < l:
       print "%04x  " % i,
       for j in range(16):
           if i+j < l:
               print "%02X" % ord(x[i+j]),
               print "  ",
           if j%16 == 7:
               print "",
       print " ",
       print sane_color(x[i:i+16])
       i += 16

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