I have a string that a user can edit at any time, and a regex that is being conducted on the string, to add it to an xml and then save it but they can add '$1' to the string. I just want the text '$1' to be saved but I have to perform a regular expression on the same string that $1 is in. It replaces the $1 with a character from the regex every time.

How do I find, and replace, the $1 in this string?

Example of what is happening:

string1 = '<item id="1">i have $100</item>'

regexp = new RegExp('<item id="1"([^<]|<[^\/]|<\/[^i]|<\/i[^t]|<\/it[^e]|<\/ite[^m]|<\/item[^>])*<\/item>');

data = '<data><item id="1">i have no money</item><item id="2">i have no money</item></data>'

data = data.replace(regexp, string1);


<data><item id="1">i have >00</item><item id="2">i have no money</item></data>
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    its really tough to decipher what you need done here. can you reword it a little better maybe? – Phillip Schmidt Jun 12 '12 at 21:40
  • ah, i see. @amnotiam 's answer should do it – Phillip Schmidt Jun 12 '12 at 21:44

This should only happen if you have a capturing group in the regex.

If you don't want your groups to capture, then place ?: inside the start of the group.

  • that worked, thank you. as i was looking at how to write a better example of what was going wrong you answered and apparently i got negated 3 times... awesome... – WPAflight Jun 12 '12 at 22:00

If you have a variable string that you want to put in your replace() call which might possibly have $N's in it, you can prevent the $N from being treated as a backreference by replacing $ with $$. Apparently, unlike other special characters in JS regex, the $ character cannot be escaped with a \ - it must be escaped with a preceding $ (go figure).

In your example, you could do the following to fix the issue:

data = data.replace(regexp, string1.replace('$', '$$$'));

This should turn any $'s into $$ in string1, preventing them from being treated as backreferences.

(Note: I found this little nugget here)

  • Very helpful for pointing out that $ must be escaped with another $. – Jonah Apr 21 '15 at 17:59

You can escape the $. Eg:

var replacement = '<item id="1">i have \\$100</item>';

Useful when you have capturing groups and need to write a $.

  • but if i can't control the content going in, and i have to search through the string for $1 to add those slashes, then i would once again have to use a regex to find all of them and i would be back to square one. thank you anyway – WPAflight Jun 15 '12 at 18:04

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