I have a class A which has a member variable vector<B>. I want to define a function template named DoToAll(funcPtr) that will iterate on all the vector and apply the function.

class A 
vector<B> v;
template <?????>
void DoToAll(f);
loop on v and apply the member function f;

class B{
void f1();
void f2();

How do I write DoToAll?

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    So you want to rewrite std::for_each ?
    – K-ballo
    Jun 12, 2012 at 21:56

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Do you insist that the argument must be a function pointer? Otherwise, it could be just

template <class F>
void DoToAll(F f) {
  std::for_each(v.begin(), v.end(), f);

That works for every f st. f(x), where x is an element of the vector, is valid. That means function pointers and functors such as std::function and std::bind are all right. Unfortunately, that doesn't include member function pointers, since you call them x->*f(), not f(). But that is possible to overcome, too, by wrapping the member function pointer into a functor that would correctly forward the call. The standard already provides such adapters, the one appropriate for you would be mem_fun_ref_t. You could add an overload of DoToAll that takes function pointers:

template <class This, class Ret>
void DoToAll(Ret (*This::f)()) {
  std::for_each(v.begin(), v.end(), std::mem_fun_ref(f));
  • thanks! i am new to c++ ,can for_each work on member function?!
    – Tomer
    Jun 13, 2012 at 6:04

If you use only functions here, you don't need templates at all.

void DoToAll(void (*f)(B&)) { /*...*/ }

So you can write something like this

void Change(const B& what)
a.DoToAll(Change) // or a.DoToAll(&Change)

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