I am looking for nice looking sites that are good in terms of look and feel as well as usability.


Someone had to say it: Stack Overflow!

Seriously - it may not be immediately beautiful to look at, but for what it is, and for its target audience and how they use it, it's a great example of both visual design and interaction design.

The layout, the use of colour, the sensible use of AJAX, the lack of fancy graphics, all give a good experience IMHO.

It's also a good example of how to incorporate advertising in an effective but unobtrusive way.

  • yes I would like other websites that have different business functions. – Srikar Doddi Jul 8 '09 at 21:21


It gets out of the way as much as possible and lets you focus on doing what you came there to do.

  • Until their last change a couple of days ago. Now it's ugly. – user151323 Nov 24 '09 at 13:22

I think this is question is much like Share good examples of Web-GUIs question that was post in the site sometime ago. probably it will help you.

  • it had the same answer -> Stack Overflow. – Srikar Doddi Jul 8 '09 at 21:31

Zen Garden - beauty but especially showing you what different things can be done with pure accessible HTML. So having Usability in mind as well.


I don't know what kind/segment of site you want. But I`ll mention one that is kind of site to create site that helped me to create fast and beautiful things.

www.snappages.com is a example of nice/easy/friendly/pretty/dummyFriendly/niceExamples/easyToCreatePrettyThings/easyToMaintain/etc...

I really think that is a 'must know place'

Cheers :)


I think gmail is an example of a very usable UI.

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I've always found that other people's great web sites are more of an inspiration than a practical help. Every site has particular needs. For example, this site is good for what it does, but it really isn't a site I need to build; likewise for this one and this one.

I think it is valuable to develop a philosophy/aesthetic for this, or at least be conversant with those who think a lot about design and accessibility. Here are two sites with some serious discussion along these lines, along with some coding howto:

But even these reflect my personal taste. There are people in my family who really like Club Penguin. And I hear some folks can tolerate MySpace.

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