I'm using PHP and not really good with regex. I need a preg_replace that can add a space if a letter or number is adjacent.

These are the scenarios:

mystreet12 -> mystreet 12
mystreet 38B -> mystreet 38 B
mystreet16c -> mystreet 16 c
my street8 -> my street 8


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You could use lookarounds to match such positions like so:

preg_replace('/(?<=[a-z])(?=\d)|(?<=\d)(?=[a-z])/i', ' ', $str);

Depending on how you define "letter" you may want to adjust [a-z].

Lookarounds are required to make it work properly with strings like:


Where solutions without would fail.

  • Doesn't work if the number adjacent to the character is negative. Mar 19, 2017 at 14:43
  • @SayanBhattacharyya are there negative street numbers? If you want that feature it's trivial to add the - where it's needed. Just replace all the \ds with [-\d].
    – Qtax
    Mar 19, 2017 at 21:56

Something like:

preg_replace("/([a-z]+)([0-9]+)/i","\\1 \\2", $subject);

Should get you far :)


Using POSIX classes for portability:

preg_replace("/([[:alpha:]])([[:digit:]])/", "\\1 \\2", $subject);

gets the the first transition.

preg_replace("/([[:digit:]])([[:alpha:]])/", "\\1 \\2", $subject);

gets the second.

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