I am getting error in rails - Faraday::Error::ConnectionFailed. I am trying RailsCast Omniauth Episode. It's working fine with Twitter. But when I give

it's giving error. I have also see question, but problem not solved.

Settings on developer.facebook.com

Site URL: http://localhost:3000/
Site Domain: localhost

I am using windows. I have also read question.


  • That's good! But I don't know what to do. – vajapravin Jun 14 '12 at 8:02
  • You mean I have to add this question on stackoverflow.com/questions/3977303/… – vajapravin Jun 14 '12 at 8:23
  • No, I am not talking at all about your current question. I am talking about how you should use Stack Overflow. When you ask a question here and someone provides an answer to it which solves your problem (as here for example: stackoverflow.com/a/10964592/29407) you have to accept this answer instead of just saying Oh great! It's working. Thank you. – Darin Dimitrov Jun 14 '12 at 8:24

I have solved this problem. This problem might be for windows users only. Use this,

1 Save this file on your desktop win_fetch_cacerts.rb

2 Use this command on command prompt

ruby "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\win_fetch_cacerts.rb"

[3] Save this file on your c:\RailsInstaller\

[4] On your command prompt or set as environment variable

set SSL_CERT_FILE=C:\RailsInstaller\cacert.pem

[5] Restart your system and try.

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