I have a POST method on one of my API controllers that takes a single string value:

public string Post([FromBody] string foo) {
    return(fooOracle.ValidateFoo(foo) ? "success" : "failure");

I'm POSTing to this with the body of the post request as:


(i.e. it's a regular HTTP POST that you can initiate by submitting a browser form as well as using an HTTP client)

In the release candidate of WebAPI, this has silently stopped working - it just doesn't bind foo any more. To get the code working, I've had to replace the method with this:

public string Post(FormDataCollection form) {
    var foo = form.Get("foo");
    return(fooOracle.ValidateFoo(foo) ? "success" : "failure");

This works, but it's kinda messy and involves rather more plumbing to test than the previous version.

Have I missed some subtle change, or has the [FromBody] binding syntax been deprecated in favour of this rather verbose binding syntax? The attribute is still there but it's really not clear what it actually does in the RC version.


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It's actually there is a subtle change that it cannot handle inputs like 'foo=123412341234' but will handle '=123412341234' as the input. Can you make the client send it as later?

If not you could create a wrapper class as below and make your action expect stringwrapper as a parameter rather than String itself.

Class StringWrapper { public string Foo {get; set;} }

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