well, I am trying to include a header file in my project, while the header actually belongs to the other project in the same workspace. I don't want to do something like ../../folder_name/header_file_name. If it helps I am using VisualC++ 6.0. Thanks!


For Visual C++ 6.0, go to Tools / Options / Directories / Show directories for: Include files, and then add the full path to the folder where your other header file resides.

 1. Right-click on the project, and select Properties.
 2. Select Configuration Properties->C/C++->General.
 3. Set the path under Additional Include Directories.

Add the other folder as an Include Directory to your project, so that it's in the search path.

You may also need to add a Library Directory if this header has a corresponding object file.


You can tell to compiler a path to search header files.
Look at your project configuration. Look at to the first pict here: http://www.steptools.com/support/stdev_docs/help/settings_vc6.html

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