You have the EntityManager.find(Class entityClass, Object primaryKey) method to find a specific row with a primary key.

But how do I find a value in a column that just have unique values and is not a primary key?

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You can use appropriate JPQL with TypedQuery.

try {
    TypedQuery<Bean> tq = em.createQuery("from Bean WHERE column=?", Bean.class);
    Bean result = tq.setParameter(1, "uniqueKey").getSingleResult();
} catch(NoResultException noresult) {
    // if there is no result
} catch(NonUniqueResultException notUnique) {
    // if more than one result

For example, like this:

List<T> results = em.createQuery("SELECT t FROM TABLE t", T.class)

With parameters:

List<T> results = em.createQuery("SELECT t FROM TABLE t where t.value = :value1")
                        .setParameter("value1", "some value").getResultList();

For single result replace getResultList() with getSingleResult():

T entity = em.createQuery("SELECT t FROM TABLE t where t.uniqueKey = :value1")
                 .setParameter("value1", "KEY1").getSingleResult();

One other way is to use Criteria API.

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    Thank you for your answer. I knew I could do it with a query, I was just wondering if I could do it faster with less code by using a method of the JPA, like EntityManager.find().
    – Rox
    Jun 15, 2012 at 6:42

You can use a Query, either JPQL, Criteria, or SQL.

Not sure if your concern is in obtaining cache hits similar to find(). In EclipseLink 2.4 cache indexes were added to allow you to index non-primary key fields and obtain cache hits from JPQL or Criteria.

See, http://wiki.eclipse.org/EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Basic_JPA_Development/Caching/Indexes

Prior to 2.4 you could use in-memory queries to query the cache on non-id fields.

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