How can i get the type of connection of a carrier network?

  • I'm able to get if connection is WIFI or WWAN using Reachability class
  • I'm able to get network flags

    Reachability Flag Status: WR t------ localWiFiStatusForFlags

  • I'm able to get WIFI SSID using CaptiveNetwork

Supported interfaces: ( en0 )

en0 => {  
    BSSID = "xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx";  
    SSID = MyWifiNetwork;  
    SSIDDATA = <x1x1x1x1 x1x1x1x1 x1>;  

But i'm not able to differenziate 3G, EDGE or GPRS connection.

Any idea also using iOS private API?


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From iOS 7 on you can use:

CTTelephonyNetworkInfo *telephonyInfo = [CTTelephonyNetworkInfo new];
NSLog(@"Current Radio Access Technology: %@", telephonyInfo.currentRadioAccessTechnology);
[NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter addObserverForName:CTRadioAccessTechnologyDidChangeNotification 
                                            usingBlock:^(NSNotification *note) 
    NSLog(@"New Radio Access Technology: %@", telephonyInfo.currentRadioAccessTechnology);

I have also found this to detect a slow or fast connection:

- (BOOL)isFast:(NSString*)radioAccessTechnology {
    if ([radioAccessTechnology isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyGPRS]) {
        return NO;
    } else if ([radioAccessTechnology isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyEdge]) {
        return NO;
    } else if ([radioAccessTechnology isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyWCDMA]) {
        return YES;
    } else if ([radioAccessTechnology isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyHSDPA]) {
        return YES;
    } else if ([radioAccessTechnology isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyHSUPA]) {
        return YES;
    } else if ([radioAccessTechnology isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyCDMA1x]) {
        return NO;
    } else if ([radioAccessTechnology isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyCDMAEVDORev0]) {
        return YES;
    } else if ([radioAccessTechnology isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyCDMAEVDORevA]) {
        return YES;
    } else if ([radioAccessTechnology isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyCDMAEVDORevB]) {
        return YES;
    } else if ([radioAccessTechnology isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyeHRPD]) {
        return YES;
    } else if ([radioAccessTechnology isEqualToString:CTRadioAccessTechnologyLTE]) {
        return YES;

    return YES;
  • 2
    Don't forget to put #import <CoreTelephony/CTTelephonyNetworkInfo.h> at the top of your file. Oct 27, 2014 at 11:12
  • Is this a private API? I don't see it documented in CTTelephonyNetworkInfo class.
    – nyus2006
    Nov 11, 2014 at 19:57
  • 1
    Thanks @Ben , but I doubt that CDMA1x is fast
    – Jason Lee
    Jan 28, 2015 at 2:45
  • You are right, I'll change it to NO. The speed seems to be at most 144kbps, which can be compared with Edge speeds. Thanks Jason Lee :) +1
    – Ben Groot
    Jan 28, 2015 at 10:44
  • This is not correct, since on device I get HSDPA, no matter if I'm on 3G or I have Cellular Data turned off.
    – Kex
    Sep 13, 2015 at 19:52

Here the OLD solution, using private API, in particular SoftwareUpdateServices.framework

Class NetworkMonitor = NSClassFromString(@"SUNetworkMonitor");
NSLog(@"TYPE: %d", [NetworkMonitor currentNetworkType]);

It returns:

3: 3G

hope this helps community.

  • actually you have to call NSLog(@"TYPE: %d", [[[NetworkMonitor alloc] init] currentNetworkType]);
    – DanEEStar
    Jun 28, 2012 at 15:35
  • 5
    Doesn't Apple rejects this cause of the private API?
    – Ben Groot
    Dec 30, 2013 at 12:14
  • 1
    @BenGroot Probably yes. This method use private api.
    – elp
    Jan 20, 2014 at 8:58
  • It is said that one could use key-value coding to determine the network-reachabiliy values for ios 6 and below without using CTTelephonyNetworkInfo which is only avaliable on ios 7 and above.
    – NicTesla
    Mar 18, 2014 at 20:13
  • Apple will kill your app :-P for private API
    – byJeevan
    Nov 7, 2016 at 6:36

The accepted answer isn't working on iOS 10. I found a workaround and setup a timer in AppDelegate which is checking the property currentRadioAccessTechnology every 5 seconds. Therefore we also need a function to check if WIFI connection is available instead of radio access technology.

Check if WIFI Connection is available:

class func isConnectedToWlan() -> Bool {
    var zeroAddress = sockaddr_in(sin_len: 0, sin_family: 0, sin_port: 0, 
                         sin_addr: in_addr(s_addr: 0), sin_zero: (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0))
    zeroAddress.sin_len = UInt8(MemoryLayout.size(ofValue: zeroAddress))
    zeroAddress.sin_family = sa_family_t(AF_INET)

    let defaultRouteReachability = withUnsafePointer(to: &zeroAddress) {
        $0.withMemoryRebound(to: sockaddr.self, capacity: 1) {zeroSockAddress in
            SCNetworkReachabilityCreateWithAddress(nil, zeroSockAddress)

    var flags: SCNetworkReachabilityFlags = SCNetworkReachabilityFlags(rawValue: 0)
    if SCNetworkReachabilityGetFlags(defaultRouteReachability!, &flags) == false {
        return false

    //Only Working for WIFI
     let isReachable = flags == .reachable
     let needsConnection = flags == .connectionRequired

     return isReachable && !needsConnection

Setup the timer like this:

Timer.scheduledTimer(timeInterval: TimeInterval.seconds(5.0), target: self, selector:      
                           #selector(showNetworkMessage), userInfo: nil, repeats: true)

Selector which is called every 5 seconds:

    guard !Reachability.isConnecteToWlan() else {
        //Connected to WLAN
    guard let currentRadioAccessTechnology = info.currentRadioAccessTechnology else {
        // No internet connection
    guard (currentRadioAccessTechnology == CTRadioAccessTechnologyGPRS 
             || currentRadioAccessTechnology == CTRadioAccessTechnologyEdge) else {
        // 3G, LTE fast radio access Technology

    if lastRadioAccessTechnology != nil {
        guard let lastRadioAccessTechnology = lastRadioAccessTechnology, 
            (lastInfo != currentRadioAccessTechnology || 
              lastInfo != currentRadioAccessTechnology) else {
            //Internet connection did not change
    // Internet connection changed to Edge or GPRS
    // Store lastRadioAccessTechnology to check if internet connection changed
    lastRadioAccessTechnology = currentRadioAccessTechnology

I am working on an iPhone application that requires the ability to recognize which type of internet connection is currently being used (Wifi, 3G, Edge, etc). I found a simple way to check by using Apples Reachability sample code. There seems to be a shortage of information about this online, I hope this can help someone.

First copy Reachability.m/.h into your project and include #include "Reachability.h" into your class.

Reachability *reach = [[Reachability alloc]init];
if (reach.internetConnectionStatus == NotReachable) {
    NSLog(@"No Connection Found");
} else if (reach.internetConnectionStatus == ReachableViaCarrierDataNetwork) {
    NSLog(@"3G or Edge");
} else if (reach.internetConnectionStatus == ReachableViaWiFiNetwork) {
    NSLog(@"Wifi Connection");
[reach release];

This code may not be the best way to accomplish this, but it appears to be the most simple approach.

  • 1
    I already use Reachability class to detect difference between WIFI or CARRIER. I want to detect GPRS or EDGE or 3G, not all toghether!
    – elp
    Jun 15, 2012 at 11:23
  • 1
    There is no possible to recognize GPRS or EDGE or 3G. Only way is recognize all together with flag kSCNetworkReachabilityFlagsIsWWAN Jun 15, 2012 at 12:17

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