I have a jArray and a string from that jArray, "message2":

[{"date":"2012","count":"1","message" : "message1"}, {"date":"2011","count":"2","message":"message2"}}

How could I determine which JSONObject "message2" came from and then determine the "count" related to that message?

Pseudo code:

x = count of jArray element that contains the string "message2"

If the JSONArray is unsorted, this is the basic approach:

try {
    //JSONArray jArray = new JSONArray();
    JSONObject item;
    boolean found = false;
    int length = jArray.length();
    String key = "message";
    String orphan = "message2"; // Let's find where you belong

    for(int index = 0; index < length; index++) {
        item = jArray.getJSONObject(index);
        if(item.getString(key).equals(orphan)) {
            found = true;

    if(found) {
        // item references the JSONObject that you want
    else {
        // No match found
catch(JSONException e) {
    // Try to handle the error gracefully

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