I want to send email with my gmail account, I gave it a try, but no luck, so is anyone can give me a sample? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

I used lualogging api, the code is


logger = logging.email {
  rcpt = "aaa@sina.com",
  from = "bbb@gmail.com",
  user = "bbb@gmail.com",
  password = *****,
  server = "smtp.gmail.com",
  port = 587,
  headers = { 
    rcpt = "aaa@sina.com",
    from = "bbb@gmail.com", 
    subject = "[%level] logging.email test", 

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    would luv some codes. :) – hjpotter92 Jun 17 '12 at 10:31
  • you really need to work on your question a bit more if you want to get any sort of useful answer. Specify things like your current setup (PC? Mobile? Corona SDK, maybe?). Also take the time to actually explain (with details, and code) what you have tried. – kikito Jun 17 '12 at 10:34

You should look at LuaSocket, especially its SMTP module which can be used to send mail using your GMail account. You also need a SSL library, I use LuaSec which was designed to be used together with LuaSocket. This is the code I successfully used to send emails using my GMail account:

-- Michal Kottman, 2011, public domain
local socket = require 'socket'
local smtp = require 'socket.smtp'
local ssl = require 'ssl'
local https = require 'ssl.https'
local ltn12 = require 'ltn12'

function sslCreate()
    local sock = socket.tcp()
    return setmetatable({
        connect = function(_, host, port)
            local r, e = sock:connect(host, port)
            if not r then return r, e end
            sock = ssl.wrap(sock, {mode='client', protocol='tlsv1'})
            return sock:dohandshake()
    }, {
        __index = function(t,n)
            return function(_, ...)
                return sock[n](sock, ...)

function sendMessage(subject, body)
    local msg = {
        headers = {
            to = 'Your Target <target email>',
            subject = subject
        body = body

    local ok, err = smtp.send {
        from = '<your email>',
        rcpt = '<target email>',
        source = smtp.message(msg),
        user = 'username',
        password = 'password',
        server = 'smtp.gmail.com',
        port = 465,
        create = sslCreate
    if not ok then
        print("Mail send failed", err) -- better error handling required
  • Is Lua dont support Mail servers requiring authentication (acts weird and does not support SSL) ? – ms2008 Jun 17 '12 at 10:49
  • In the example there already is authentication and encryption. See the user and password fields and the sslCreate function used to initiate the connection. You just need the LuaSocket and LuaSec libraries. – Michal Kottman Jun 17 '12 at 11:13
  • I had a try , it works ! Thanks very much. And now I want to use another mail service , When I tried that I get 1 error messages that say: "Mail send failed wrong version number", what should I do ? modify the sslCreate function? – ms2008 Jun 17 '12 at 11:35
  • And if a smtp server isn't need to establesh the secure connection, but need to authentication. what the code like? thanks. Sorry, ask you so much, I'm a newbie , so :) – ms2008 Jun 17 '12 at 12:40
  • I am sorry but I do not know your alternate mail service setup, so it may require other SSL version, like protocol = 'sslv3'. If you do not need SSL at all, remove the create = sslCreate line. – Michal Kottman Jun 17 '12 at 17:03

The code from Michal Kottman works properly but it fails (for me) when smpt server works on 587 port, using a pretty different way to accept mail to send (according wo what I read). Does anybody faced anything similar? I always obtain "wrong version number" on server working on port 587.

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