I need to check to see if a directory is empty. The problem is, I want to consider the directory empty if it contains a sub folder regardless of whether or not the sub folder contains files. I only care about files in the path I am looking at. This directory will be accessed across the network, which kind of complicates things a bit. What would be the best way to go about this?


The Directory.EnumerateFiles(string) method overload only returns files contained directly within the specified directory. It does not return any subdirectories or files contained therein.

bool isEmpty = !Directory.EnumerateFiles(path).Any();

The advantage of EnumerateFiles over GetFiles is that the collection of files is enumerated on-demand, meaning that the query will succeed as soon as the first file is returned (thereby avoiding reading the rest of the files in the directory).

  • For info; Directory.EnumerateFiles(string) was added in .NET 4, so won't work in older versions of .NET. – tomRedox Jun 10 '15 at 10:01

Perhaps this:

if (Directory.GetFiles(path).Length == 0)...... ;

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