I know it seems this has been asked before, but I need a batch to open another batch in a new window. I've tried:

start abc.bat

cmd abc.bat

run abc.bat

and others. They've all opened in the same window or just opened Command Prompt in new window, ignoring my batch. Is there a batch command to open a batch file in a new window?

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Is this what your after?

start "New Window" cmd /c test.cmd

It's a little bit strange that start abc.bat doesn't work but I assume this is because you are running this in the middle of another batch. You probably need call:

22:22:38.85 c:\help call
Calls one batch program from another.

CALL [drive:][path]filename [batch-parameters]

Giving you start call abc.bat or call start abc.bat depending on what the exact problem is.


To simply do it is just

start cmd /c "exampleexample.bat"

This could also work with spaces;

start cmd /c "example example.bat"

And directories.

start cmd /c "C:\NAME\Example\Hi there\example example.bat"

I created my universal batch with this and this works flawlessly.


start abc.bat works for me. What is the problem in your case? You could also try start cmd /c abc.bat.


Unfortunatly, I know of no such method (I encounter the same thing). However, try killing the old window when you start the batch




@echo off
@echo It works!

I found something that works:

call "C:\FILEPATH HERE\abc"


@echo off

call "C:\Users\USERNAME HERE\Desktop\abc"

This should work <3


If you are going to run it in a different command prompt, type start C:\abc.bat or whatever the directory of abc.bat is, or if you want to open it in the same command prompt, type call "C:\abc.bat" again, wherever the directory is. It should work

Either: call "C:\abc.bat" or start C:\abc.bat

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