I made a div draggable using jQuery. However, there is some text in that box, and I would still like to be able to copy and paste the text, but when I make an item draggable well when I click on the box it starts to move the box?

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Use the cancel option when making the element draggable.

Prevents dragging from starting on specified elements.

$('.selector').draggable({ cancel: '.text' }); 
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    This is a much better answer for the simple fact that it's shorter and uses the built in functionality.
    – zoltar
    Apr 18, 2013 at 7:04
  • Thanks a lot for this simple and useful solution.
    – Pereira
    Oct 20, 2020 at 14:29
  • could you provide more detail in html?
    – Hai Nguyen
    Dec 16, 2020 at 4:04

It doesn't make sense to allow dragging AND selecting text on the same element. However, if you keep thinking it's necessary, two things come to my mind:

Solution 1:

You can add a "handler" that will be the only child receiving the mouse down/up events to drag the div. For instance:

<div id="draggable">
  <div class="handler"></div>
  <div class="text">This is a selectable text</div>

And in your JavaScript code:

var draggableDiv = $('#draggable');
  handle: $('.text', draggableDiv)

Solution 2:

You can disable the draggable thing when a user try to select text:

<div id="draggable">
  <div class="text">This is a text</div>

And in your JavaScript code:

var draggableDiv = $('#draggable').draggable();
$('.text', draggableDiv).mousedown(function(ev) {
}).mouseup(function(ev) {

When someone tries to select something in .text, the draggable process is disabled.

The first solution is the proper one.

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    The solution by @Lapa is much better
    – harsh
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    Agreed. I can't delete my answer though, I guess @SamFisher83 would have to uncheck my answer and check Lapa's one.
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  • Simple use case for this would be to make a dialog (div) draggable but then to allow the user to select text inside an embedded div
    – MEH
    Aug 27, 2015 at 23:54

(As talked by the other 2 answers, but if you need an practical example, here it is (if I understood correctly): )

jsfiddle: Draggable demo

The point is to:_

  1. add an extra child <span> as an dragHandler, in the (parent) <span> that you want to drag.
<span class="commentNt" id="commentDraggable_123">~//? was it not &quot;single bounded context&quot; in choreography?<br/>
  <span class="dragHandler">Drag</span></span>
  1. for the parent <span>, use following code to register that child <span> for dragging

    • (dragging will now only be triggered in child <span>'s region).
$('#commentDraggable_123').draggable({ handle: '.dragHandler' }); 
  1. now, only dragging the child <span>, the whole parent <span> will then be dragged along with.

As for:

  • Q: Can I do this without introducing another child <span> inside the parent <span>?

    • ie: Can I just drag the "blank area", then the whole parent <span> is dragged;

      while I drag on the "text area", the text can be selected instead of being dragged?

  • A: idk, I hope there is a way.

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