I am using Authorize.net payment module(AIM) with my cakephp framework. Payment functionality is working fine. Now i need to do a REFUND Functionality with my framework. I checked their Api's but i could not get any thing. According to their API guide the following parameters are needed If I passed they asking exp date too. In my database we are storing only last 4 digits of CC. any way i try to pass all the 16 digits but the response not proper. Just i need a sample PHP code for Authorize.net Refund.


x_trans_id=Transaction ID here

x_card_num=Full credit card number or last four digits only here

I am passing following parameters

        "x_type"                => 'CREDIT',

        "x_trans_id"            => $x_trans_id,

        "x_card_num"            => '4111111111111111',

       "x_exp_date"            => '' ,

        "x_amount"                => $x_amount,

        'x_test_request' => TRUE 

Now I getting the following error message :

(TESTMODE) A valid referenced transaction ID is required.

  • The docs say that an expiration date is not required. Make sure you include the minimum required fields. Can you post what you've tried and the error returned by Authorize? It may be that you just need to include the x_exp_date key but leave it blank. – jeremyharris Jun 18 '12 at 15:19
  • i updated the question can u please check that jere – AnNaMaLaI Jun 19 '12 at 9:06
  • It all looks good to me. You are just missing a valid transaction, like the error says. Probably because you are in test mode. I added the answer since it answers this question :) – jeremyharris Jun 19 '12 at 14:03

Even though an expiration date is not required, it seems that you still need to pass the key because it's in the list of required Authorize.net keys. Just pass x_exp_date => '' and you should be good!

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