I am using Xcode 4.1 with iOS SDK 4.3

When executing the line below, the app crashes in device but not in Simulator.

    [BumpClient configureWithAPIKey:@"MYAPIKEY" andUserID:[[UIDevice currentDevice] name]];

There is no crash log, but the execution stops at above line saying "Thread 1:Program received signal: "SIGSYS"

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As I can see you are using configure API key with BumpClient object. Actually there is requirement to create object of BumpAPI and key would be set like that

    api = [BumpAPI sharedInstance];
    [api configAPIKey:@"69d6db94740a4e9e8e9ba98ey0e64c74"];
    [api configUIDelegate:self];
    [api configDelegate:self];
    [api requestSession];

here api is object of BumpAPI and configure API keys as mentioned After that session is requested .

   [[BumpAPI sharedInstance] simulateBump];

Simulate Bump starts the bump action on device. So there is only requirement to attach bump delegate to self not to device.

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