So I'm aware of how to select a node using htmlagilitypack:


etc... but say I have a site set up in the following way:

<a href="/link1/">This is Link 1</a>
<a href="/link2/">This is information i want to get to</a>
<a href="/link3/">This is Link 3</a>
<a href="/link4/">This is information i want to get to</a>
<a href="/link5/">This is Link 5</a>
<a href="/link6/">This is Link 6</a>


Now, the snippet is short, but basically, The links are asymmetric, and I only want to access links that have the text value

"this is information i want to get to"

(I'm not familiar enough with hmtl to use proper terminology here, sorry). Is there a method in htmlagilitypack where I can check this text value?

Thank you!

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Try using the text() function:

SelectNodes("a[text()='This is information i want to get to']")

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