I am trying to do a simple commit in SVN (I'm using Cornerstone on a Mac). The commit fails with the following error:

Description : An error occurred while contacting the repository. [...] Error : V4CommunicationError [...] Description : At least one property change failed; repository is unchanged Status : 175008 [...] Description : Error setting property 'log': Could not execute PROPPATCH. Status : 175002 [...]

I have tried reinstalling Cornerstone, and I have tried checking out the repository to another directory and committing from there.


I had this issue in Versions, it seems that this issue is caused by using "rich text" in the commit message. Hope this makes the issue and solution a bit clearer.

  • This answer solved my problem. I copied some text from a excel document to my commit message. Commit is successful after removing those text. – JonSlowCN Sep 7 '15 at 7:45
  • This solved my issue as well pasting an issue number from JIRA – Ben Oct 30 '15 at 14:22

I found another site that mentioned something about "single line comments." My commit message didn't have multiple lines, but it did have smart quotes that I copied and pasted from our bug tracking system. Here is the offending phrase:


When I took away the smart quotes, I was able to commit.


In my case there were mergeinfo records referencing a directory that was long since deleted on the SVN.


I got the same issue using English and Russian in one line in commit comments. After deleting and retyping the message only in one language (Russian) commit succeeded.


This was caused due to rich text usage including hyphens and new line characters in the commit message window of Cornerstone. Here's a quick solution -

  1. Right click on the repository < Open using Terminal
  2. Check in your code via terminal. Here's an example -

svn ci -m $'This is the first line\nThis is the second line'


The same issue with me. I copied comment text from MS Words and paste into comment textbox.

Solution: I removed text and write it again. so don't copy and paste comment from any edition


Go to Window -> Preferences -> Team -> SVN Change the SVN Interface Client as something like SVNKit version. You are done, you can put any no. of lines as you want.

image here


For this issue, while merging you have to use "prefer repository" option in case of "merge-info" file conflict.

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