Trying to use Powershell to script the removal of specific custom errors from an IIS website.

I have got this far:

Remove-WebConfigurationProperty -Filter "/system.webServer/httpErrors/error[@statusCode='403' and @subStatusCode='4']" -Location IIS:\Sites\www.mysite.com

but running that fails with a warning that:

Remove-WebConfigurationProperty : Cannot bind argument to parameter 'Name' because it is an empty string.

I have no idea what to specify for the Name parameter here - and Remove-WebConfigurationProperty is woefully underdocumented... any ideas?

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Ah... cracked it. It's not Remove-WebConfigurationProperty, it's Clear-WebConfiguration that's used in this context:

Clear-WebConfiguration -Filter "/system.webServer/httpErrors/error[@statusCode='403' and @subStatusCode='4']" -Location IIS:\Sites\www.mysite.com
  • Note that this removes an entire XML element. (That appears to be what you want, but users hoping to remove an attribute with Remove-WebConfigurationProperty may find their way here.)
    – jpmc26
    Mar 13, 2017 at 23:09

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