I am a beginner in verilog.

Almost of all examples for concatenation are as the following.

wire [3:0] result;
reg  a, b, c, d;

result = {a, b, c, d};

Is the following possible, too?

wire [3:0] result;
wire a, b, c, d;

{a, b, c, d} = result;

The LHS(left hand side) of assignments do allow concatenations.

module mod1;

wire [3:0] result;
wire a, b, c, d;

reg e,f,g,h;

{a, b, c, d} = result; //Invalid, not in procedural construct

assign {a, b, c, d} = result; //Valid
assign {a,{b,c},d}  = result; //Valid

   {e, f, g, h} = result; //Valid


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