I have a MapView where Drawable markers are placed with a limit set to 10. A RadioButton is created for each marker to enable individually selecting them for movement to another location on the map. They use the same RadioGroup for mutual exclusivity. When five RadioButtons are placed horizontally I want to start a "new line" across the screen for five more RadioButtons.

To achieve this is it possible to use a new RadioGroup on the second line which somehow links to the first one? Or is there a property for layouts(ViewGroup) that forces Views on a new line when it "overflows" its container horizontally? In my experiments layouts force Views further to the right when the container has no space for it on the screen. CSS has a nice solution to this by setting "overflow:hidden" to contain elements within its container and it would be nice with something similar here.


What you might want to try the solution in this answer. It worked quite well for a similar problem I had some time ago.

  • Cheers. I can try that. This also reminded me of TableLayout, which I also could try with two TableRows, and loop in 5 RadioButtons for each row. – gorn Jun 20 '12 at 7:23

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