Referring the title, I'm figuring how to convert space between words to be %20 .

For example,

> y <- "I Love You"

How to make y = I%20Love%20You

> y
[1] "I%20Love%20You"

Thanks a lot.


gsub() is one option:

R> gsub(pattern = " ", replacement = "%20", x = y)
[1] "I%20Love%20You"

Another option would be URLencode():

y <- "I love you"
[1] "I%20love%20you"
  • +1 Better than my Answer and a good reminder of this function's existance – Gavin Simpson Jun 20 '12 at 10:21

The function curlEscape() from the package RCurl gets the job done.

y <- "I love you"
[1] "I%20love%20you"
  • Note that this will change "test!: " to "test%21%3A%20" vs URLencode "test!%3a%20" – hedgedandlevered Feb 3 '14 at 15:28

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